12 TIPS for Real Estate Investment

Most of us could not become rich just rely on normal salary. People used to put their extra money in retirement programs or insurances. It is hard to create extra profit by using limited time, time is so little. We have to be creative to find extra resources and get passive income. People get more profit and net capital by investing wisely in real estate. Eventually they become economic independent. We conclude some tips for you to notice some investing concerns before you invest.


Consider primary residence or investment. Purchasing a house as primary resident. Consider your affordability and future income before you buy is important, you don’t want to get in trouble after move in new home. It is always good to see price rising in real estate. However, the price of real estate always goes up and down based on the market. Avoiding serious economic load caused by heavy mortgage is important to maintain a happy life style.
Investment. Consider rental market, rental rising room, purchasing area, how to get tax return according to real estate income.


Prepare enough cash flow to maintain daily living. Because of investing in real estate usually takes a long period of time, you should avoid economic pressure by maintain a positive cash flow after get your new property.

Calculate Profit rate.

Maintain low monthly payment by using 50/50 loan to value ratio when market is not boomin


Be sure to notice job growth rate when looking for real estate investment, big project constructions, etc. It is always great to make some researches before making any investment. Avoid rushing payments on properties.


Consider community plan, property tax and HOV fees, normally new communities with new education projects and entertainment projects tend to have high property tax and HOV payments. If you purchase the property and leave it vacant, it may cause significant cost for vacancy.


Do your research for community with schools, check their school rates if you plan to provide a great education for your children in the future. Usually community with high rate schools can maintain a great value for a long time.


It costs time to finish escrow depending on all cash or mortgage there will be 1 – 2 months for just close escrow.


Check utilities near the home you want, be sure to drive around and find out all the essential living parts are within 30 minutes of driving such as hospitals, schools, supermarkets etc.


It’s always better to consider living in community and city with low crime rate.


When negotiate with price, go with honesty first, don’t just pick those wrong points and negotiate negatively.


When lot size and area are equal between two homes, pick the one with more rooms.


Make professional inspection when buying resold houses.


Find an appropriate agent, based on their experience, it is easier to solve most problems and selections than yourself. It saves your time and makes you have more energy to enjoy your life or enter next investing process. A good agent not only helps you solve problems and deals with documents relates to real estate, but also a perfect local guider for you, it is our pleasure to help you get involved in local culture and lifestyle.

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