Residential Property

Home Purchase Process

1. Choose a Real Estate Agent

Understand What to Prepare for Your Dream home. With Keller Williams, you have professional consultants anytime, anywhere.

2. Price, Location, Types, Purpose

  1. Buyer estimate the price range they can afford for the new home;
  2. Choosing homes based on purpose and its function like schools, working, shopping etc.;
  3. Types of home: Single family home, Condo, Townhouse, Apartment etc.;
  4. Investment or primary home, we can help you create professional analysis in order to determine home purchase.

3. Cash vs Mortgage

Provide financial statement that exceeds home price if buying with all cash. Foreigners have different down payment base on their different financial situation. Usually around 40% down.

4. Sign Agreement

Buyer and seller both agree with the trading price, buyer used to pay 2%-3% of total amount as a deposit in order to hold the property for them.

5. Home Inspection

Expert home inspector inspects home and make a detailed inspection disclosure attached to the agreement in order to prevent arguments after purchase. At the same time, it is buyer’s chance to negotiate purchase price based on terms of the inspection disclosure.

6. Make payment and close escrow

Our agent will help you prepare all the documents, buyers pay sellers, contact government to deal with new property ownership. Moreover, we help you set up water/electrical/gas usage account upon your request.

7. Insurance and Tax

We help you what happens after home purchase, make sure you understand property tax and insurance information.

8. After-Sales service

Once working with us, it is our pleasure to answer you any question related to real estate forever and we take this as the standard.

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Home Selling Process

Sell a home with us once for all. We make greatest offer happen to you for high quality homes. We sell those homes others can’t sell through scaled auction worldwide. Auction brings lots of focus to your home and solve the problems even before you meet them. Consider a new way to sell and profit from your wise investment.


Choosing a Real Estate Agent Help you prepare documents needed for selling. We bring you the most professional consultant.


Prepare home price and showing, prepare simple and clear selling project just for you based on our professional experience.


Help you find the best offer from different buyers, understand agreement, deal with documents, simplify problems. We solve questions from your point of view.


Accept offer price and transfer ownership, provide different documents and reports, termites inspection, deal with the procedures between us and buyer.


Sign transfer of ownership documents.


Transfer ownership and obtain your check.


Cleaning house and submit keys.


After-sale service, we are happy to answer you any concern that you may have for the trade for long term of time.

Free Valuation

Want to know how much your home worth? We provide you the most accurate market price according to the local market. We have over a hundred years’ experience in real estate area and because of that its worth the trust to get business with us. 

Residential Rental Management

We have perfect management system to help those investors who are investing homes here. We provide home situation report every month for you. We find appropriate renters upon your request and help you collect rent. Help you deal with everything related to tenant. From the view of law and agreement, we think deeply and consider your benefits in long run. We deal with all the documents that need to be done in order to rent the space for you. All you need to do is collect rent and enjoy your life.